Aiste Rakauskaite, architecture photographer and videographer based in the Netherlands and Lithuania.

Aiste's journey began at the age of 14 when she acquired her first camera. Despite her dream of becoming an architect, she pursued her passion for photography alongside her architecture studies and office work.

After graduating from TU Delft and working in a Dutch architecture firm, Aiste decided to blend her two passions. In a few years, her talent led her to collaborate with major Dutch and Lithuanian architecture firms, expanding her commissions internationally to Asia and North America.

Aiste's photography has graced the pages of prestigious publications like Elle Decor, Monocle, and Dezeen. Her work focuses on highlighting the dedication of architects, clients, and builders who bring concepts to life.


Aiste Rakauskaite Photography

+31 6 42 60 3420
Professional portrait of Aiste Rakauskaite against a vibrant yellow background. Aiste holds a camera, capturing the essence of the photographer's creative spirit. Portrait Photography.